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Referral Intervention Services

If you are at this stage in the game you have probably seen a few therapists or talked with the guidance counselor at your child's school. For some teens that are abusing drugs, they are unable to stop the pattern even if they want to because peer pressure and a drug-using environment are too tempting for them to quit. At this point finding a reputable educational consultant or referral service will be your key to helping your child succeed and stop abusing drugs. These consultants are professionals and will be able to find a school, program or rehab perfectly designed to fit the needs of you, your family and your child.

Perhaps the consultant will want to meet with you and your child to better understand the circumstances with which he/she is dealing. Then the consultant will offer you a variety of programs with which you will ultimately make a decision about your child's well being. Once a program is chosen, the next step is getting your child there.

There are specific services designed to intervene between the family and the drug using teen that make the separation easier. More often than not teenage drug abusers are unwilling to cooperate with the wishes of their parents and have no desire to get help. Here intervention specialists and client escorts can make this already painful situation easier on your family and your child. These professionals with take care of your teen on the way to the chosen program and lessen the danger of an angry or willful child.

Sometimes intervention specialists are able to help the child see the need for treatment, however if the child is still uncooperative the specialist can safely escort him/her. Teenage drug abuse is never pleasant but these services make the process easier and smoother.




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