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Teenage Drug Abuse

Teenage drug abuse exists in the United States and worldwide. Over the years millions of dollars have been poured into prevention and treatment services, and even though the problem has not been solved yet, you do have some control over teenage drug abuse in your own home. Adolescence is a pressure-filled time for teens and for many, experimentation with drugs is thought to be part of growing up.

When teenagers begin to experiment with drugs at an early age they are at a higher risk for teenage drug abuse and problems associated with drugs and alcohol later in their lives. Early adolescent tobacco use is also an indication of later drug use and abuse. Because teenagers are still young and more often than not fully dependent on their parents for support, they do not see the consequences of the actions they are taking in concern to drugs. Some teenagers are able to experiment with drugs and never experience the pain and agony of teenage drug abuse either because they had a bad incident on drugs or because they never got addicted.

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Some teenagers are also at a higher risk for teenage drug abuse depending upon their family history. People with a history of drug and alcohol abuse in their families can often pass down the traits for addiction to their children. Children, who are depressed, have low self-esteem or feel like outsiders are also prone to drug use and teenage drug abuse.

Teenagers experiment with a number of different illegal substances usually starting with tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. Young people and their friends are often on prescription medication such as Ritalin and get high off popping or snorting these pills. Club drugs, drugs often found at "rave" parties and dance clubs, have also grown in popularity over the years, making ecstasy and methamphetamines commonly used among teenagers.

Parents can look out for the warning signs of teenage drug abuse. Usually drug abuse will be noticeable in the following areas: physical, emotional, family, school and friends. Physical signs will include persistent health problems that have never been a problem before, red eyes, and excessive amounts of sleep. Emotional problems include depression, mood swings, disinterest in life and changes in personality. Family and school problems are often associated with disobeying authority, ditching classes, coming home late or not being responsible for household activities, and becoming distant both in class and at home. Teens involved in teenage drug abuse will also have a host of new friends that are more interesting in using drugs and alcohol.

Parents have many options in concern to what they do with their child. Teenagers do not realize the consequences their teenage drug abuse is having on themselves or others and are not interested in quitting. Because they cannot see the problems, they do not have the willingness to seek treatment or be in recovery.

Consultation, intervention and treatment services are all available. Through these types of programs families are able to find a placement for their child that best fits what each individual family needs. Teenage drug abuse can ruin lives and healthy families because it has respect for nothing. If you or someone you love is having problems with teenage drug abuse there is help waiting. At Treatment Referral we offer individualized program referrals involving both the drug abuser and the family.

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